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Hunting Issues
This page is meant strictly to be informative, and when we find something that needs attention it will be posted here.  Issues that are in the forefront of MPHC right now are:


I received a letter from ODFW concerning my Sauvie Island dog training Permit and the Hunting Dog Advisory Committee (DTAC) now formed to "seek collaborative solutions for how the Department can best meet the goals and objectives of the Sauvie Island Wildlife Area (SIWA) Draft Management Plan related to habitat conservation, while also meeting public desires for hunting dog training activities at SIWA".
This DTAC Advisory Group and ODFW needs to hear your voice.  This is the Wake Up Call.  You are losing your rights.
The DTAC committee is comprised of an arbitrarily limited number of dog people and Professional Advocates of the Audubon Society and the American Bird Conservancy (which declined to participate in the recently completed Oregon state wide Dog Training Group (DTAG)).
Time is short my letter is dated November 21st, 2011 and the meeting at Sauvie Island Fire Station is December 6th, 2011.
I have provided links to make your comments easy to make.
The link below will take you to ODFW web site to keep informed about the meeting. Asked to be put on the ODFW e-mail list.
Leslie Like of Northwest Point Dog Association is on the DTAC and has literally been fighting for us for years!! In an E-Mail in August she wrote about the underlying agenda ODFW has.
"The purpose of this committee is to review ODF&W's proposed plan to eliminate dog training and events on most of the wildlife area for the period of May through July 31 for the purpose of restoring grasslands suitable for ground nesting birds.  After more than 50 years (60) of continuous use and financial support by dog trainers and hunters ODF&W has proposed through the current draft Management Plan to eliminate our use of these important public lands."
Excerpts From the plan.
"Objective 3.2  Rationale.
...the department also recognizes that dog training/trials during the period april through July may impact ground nesting birds.  As part of the implementation of the OCS, the Department will be managing these pastures/grasslands, compatible with other management objectives and uses."   Under line added for clarity of purpose.
This rationale circumvents Federal Law in the U.S. Code  16 USC 669 a (5) which states that Field Trialing is an approved use of Pittman-Robertson purchased WMA land and Congress reinforced their intent just 10 years ago by passing the "Fish and Wildlife Programs Improvement and National Wildlife Refuge System Centennial Act of 2000".
It is obvious that the rationale for limiting or removing completely the Field Trial and Dog Training uses of the SIWA are not based on science or facts on the ground but are a determined effort by the USFWS, ODFW, and "hook and bullet" opponents to tell you to go play your dog games some where else. 
Eventually if they are successful at banning dog games, hunting will be their next "Non-Compatible Target" and then ownership of guns.
Steve Souder, President
Umpqua Valley Retiever Club

Older Issues
  • The Nesting Bird Season - MPHC along with OUSDA are working on this issue.  The administrative rule can be interpreted in various ways by various people.  There seems to be a lack of communication and AR meaning between ODFW and OSP, neither seeming to come together on what the rule says or how it was intended to be applied.   Success
  • New Hunting Regulations at Sauvie Island - actually this should read "A Lack of Hunting".  As reported in the news letter regulations have changed - the only hunting that will be allowed on Sauvie are Deer and Bird.  MPHC is currently looking into this situation. The story behind this change can be found by going to 

: June 4th 2010 -  For what we thought were Nesting Bird Regulations, the latest release from ODFW is the final draft May 2010 on "Hunting Dog Training Rules".  The ruling appears to have more to do with bird dogs and it is not quite clear if it also includes hounds. Here is the Matrix proposed by ODFW.

 Type of Training    

 Competetive  Individual


 Release and/or take domestically raised or imported wildlife.  Imported animals also require ODA import permit and disease free certification  Yes                      Yes  Oregon revised Statute 498.052 requires a permit prior to release of domestically raised imported wildlife.
 Take exempt animals fro training or by aid of a dog  Yes 1  No 1  
 Release exempt animals (Rock Doves)  No 1  No 1  Landowner/manager must allow release
 Train dogs without releasing or taking wildlife  No 1 No 1  
 Release game birds during authorized game bird seasons (season bag limits apply)  Yes  Yes  Any person granted authority to release birds for training during a hunting season is required to have a permit for the release and must stop the taking of ALL birds when a legal limit of unmarked birds is reached.
 1 Permit would be required for training activity on department owned or controlled lands or any land if specifically designated by the department as critical wildlife habitat.      

More details can be found on the 'Final Draft May 2010 Division 46 - Proposed Revision Competitive Trials, Commercial and Individual Training for Hunt Dogs."

  • UPDATE: June 4, 2010 - Suavie Island Rabbit and Coon Hunting

The date for the management plan had been announced as June 4th 2010, Salem Oregon, 1pm.  Apparently there was a change in the date and the Rabbit / Coon hunting was being considered on June 3rd.  Management at Suavie Island was still informing people that there was to be an 'Informal' meeting about Rabbit huning on the 4th of June as planned.  Not so, and news has not really gotten around as to what the out come was from the June 3rd management meeting.  Apparently some of the coonhunters did stand and give testimony, but no rabbit hunters were available - they were still showing up on the 4th!
On June 4th - the management meeting focused on fishing, trapping and other items.  Members from MPHC announced support of the trappers in the wanted change of Bobcat collection numbers.
Once again the hunter has been left out to dry by being misinformed and not paying close enough attention to the antics of the OFW department.

  • Excerpt of last conversation between Michael and Sauvie Island manager:  [Michael] "I tried to talk to him about maybe allowing rabbit hunting on part of the wildlife area such as the north unit, and he [manager] replied that he once worked at E. E. Wilson and had all of those beagles howling down there, and he doesn’t want that at the island. "

  • PLEASE SEE TO LETTER BELOW FROM JERRY RAY Regarding Sauvie Islands new regulations
  • Regarding Sauvie Islands new regulations Regarding Sauvie Islands new regulations Regarding Sauvie Islands new regulations Regarding Sauvie Islands new regulations



Because of everyones efforts ODFW removed the SIWA issue off their December 2009 agenda - for now.  Hold up, this is good news - It means they are hearing our voice, not that they like it; but it is having an impact on what they plan to do.  MPHC is still persuing this actively and will continue to do so - as noted in Decembers news letter.

What we are needing to do now. 
ODFW plan on having the SIWA issue addressed at a later commissioners meeting.  Which means we need to get it on the agenda before March 2010, as in April they will move the meeting to a new location. This usually means outside the area being addressed in hopes that few or none representing a change to bring back hunting at SIWA will attend.  They have done it before and will try to achieve this again.  We are asking that short letters encouraging the reveral of non-hunting ammendments concerning SIWA be written and sent to the ODFW Commissioners (the address is listed below). 

The importance of this is that if ODFW achieve their goal not allowing small game hunting at SIWA, it will open the door for changes in other Wildlife Areas in the future which could and will impact future hunting on these lands.  Remember it is YOUR hunting dollars that pay for the enhancement and habitat of these State lands.  The hunters are the only contributors - not bird watchers, hikers, horseback riders, bicyclests.  YOU have paid for these properties to be maintained and open to the public and should not be excluded from enjoying the your chosen outdoor activity. 

Again, please read the following letter and write to the below ODFW addresses.  Your help in this matter will continue to make a difference.  Thank You.

We need your help!
 A huge WRONG needs to be made right!  

    The management of the Sauvie Island Wildlife Area outside of Portland has seen fit to declare illegal all hunting of furbearers, predators,  unprotected, and protected wildlife, except black-tail deer and game birds!  No hunting of upland game such as rabbit, squirrel, raccoon, etc.  This declaration is made on pages 54  and 55, under Objectives 3.1: Strategy 1 of the ten-year Sauvie Island Wildlife Area Management Plan 2009.  This is also a current Oregon administrative rule, having begun with the 2008-2009 hunting season, and this is discrimination!
    To get a better idea of what caused the manager to change hunting on the island, please go to and read “Michael Malley’s Sauvie Island Story.”  It should make you mad as hell!    
     Sauvie Island is about eleven thousand five hundred (ll,500) acres in size.   ODFW needs to promote all hunting opportunities on the island.  We understand that the island has a heavy population of waterfowl, but dollars from all hunting and fishing licenses are used to manage it.  If the mission of ODFW is truly to “protect and enhance Oregon’s fish and wildlife and their habitats for use and enjoyment by present and future generations,” Sauvie Island has an obligation to offer all hunting opportunities.    
    In the next few months we will be working hard to reverse this blatant disrespect for the hunting community and to overturn the manager’s abusive use of power.  Specifically, we want all restrictive language pertaining to “furbearers, predators,  unprotected and protected wildlife” removed from the Sauvie Island Wildlife ten-year management plan.  This is how you can help shape the plan that the commission will consider in November:
    (1)  Send your written comments to:
        3406 Cherry Ave.
        Salem, Oregon 97303-4924
        Ref. Sauvie Island Management Plan.

            To assure that someone other than the manager of Sauvie Island reads your letter and hears your concern, send a second copy to the commissioner of  the congressional district #3, the Sauvie Island district:  
            Commissioner Skip Klarquist
            215 S.W. Washington St.  3rdFloor  
            Portland, Or. 97204

             You might want to write to any other or all the other commissioners:  
            Chair: Marla Rae, Vice Chair: Dan Edge, Jon England,
            Carter Kerns, Bobby Levy, Zane Smith
            or ODFW Director  Roy Eliker at:

            3406 Cherry Ave.
            Salem, Oregon 97303-4924
        Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife phone #503-947-6000
    If you just want to talk about this injustice, give me a call at 541-745-7311.  

                    Jerry C. Ray


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